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Good Friday is Great When You Know This...

March 30, 2018



During this season we think about the cross and the empty tomb.  Jesus’ death and resurrection made way for the great exchange, in which Christ bore the weight of and paid the price for our sin, sickeness, and even death.  In exchange, He offers us forgiveness, eternal life, and  salvation. 


But salvation is so much more than a prayer or a ticket to heaven! 


It means much more than to be saved, and it is not a some-day thing—it is a now thing .


Let me explain.  Jesus said he came not to judge the world, but to save it (John 12:47).  The Greek word for save in this context is SOZO, from the Greek root sos,  meaning to save, heal, deliver, protect, preserve, and make whole. 


Whole, hugies in Greek, meaning healthy and whole, and hugiaino, another form of whole, meaning to be well in body, to have sound health, and to be whole or wholesome, is also a part of salvation.


This is part of our inhertiance and we don’t have to wait until we “go to heaven” to receive it.  It is available to us now!  Jesus modeled in "The Lord’s Prayer" that we are to pray the Father’s will be done, NOW, on earth as it is in heaven.


What area of your life needs to be saved or healed?  Where do you need deliverance and protetion?  What needs to be preserved and made whole? 


Let your thoughts, words, prayers, and life be from a place of a victory that has already been won.  Stop striving and asking for something Christ has already done. 


Receive.  Be thankful.  Be a conduit of God’s love, truth, grace, and power to others. 


And with this in mind, I wish you a GREAT Good Friday.



So with that, let me wish you a GOOD FRIDAY!


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