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Which Curriculum Should I Use?

June 7, 2018


Almost always, the first question I get when meeting with homeschooling families is this:  Which curriculum should I use?


Seems like a good question.  But I'd like to propose that this is not the FIRST question you should ask.  Take a look at my former blog posts on homeschooling to learn more about why you should have (and write down) a vision, or outcomes, define your values, and identify which homeschool methods or approach best fit your family's needs (and your strengths).


THEN, come back here and hear what I have to say about curriculum.  In the short video below, I offer some practical tips that will help you know how to narrow down your curricular options.


Curriculum is a tool—and like any other area of life—you want to have the right tool for the job.  Don't exhaust yourself trying to chop down a tree with a butter knife—find the curricular tool that best suits you!


Choosing a curriculum that doesn't align with your child’s student style could significantly hinder your family from having the homeschool experience you desire. 


In less than eight minutes, you'll walk away with a few action steps that will help you chose the "right tool for the job."


Happy Homeschooling!





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